Dr Dean Miller

Marine Biologist, Guide & Media Production

Dr Dean Miller is a scientist, multi-media expert, a PADI Dive Instructor and an Australian Geographic sponsored explorer. With a PhD in coral reef management and resource allocation and a wealth of scientific experience in the field from Antarctica to the Arctic and everywhere in between, Dean’s scientific research career has been rich and diverse. Having been involved in over 300 ocean expeditions on ships all over the globe, much of Dean’s life has been at sea in some of the most challenging environments known. While Dean loves guiding and diving just for the fun of it, his real thrill, and the reason he became a Marine Scientist, is sharks… the bigger the better! 

In addition, Dean has worked tirelessly to position himself at the very top of the multimedia production field. A self-taught and accomplished cameraman, he has filmed, produced and presented documentaries from all over the planet for the BBC, National Geographic, Disney Nature, Discovery Channel and many more. Dean’s work has been narrated by the legendary Sir David Attenborough and has been acclaimed for its breathtaking and stunning natural history and cinematic qualities. With his diverse background, extensive experience and unique skill set, Dean is ready to take on any adventure, and share his passion for the natural world with those around him. 

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