Robin Aiello

Marine Biologist and Guide

Robin Aiello has spent most of her life on, and under, the oceans of the world. It is her passion! She graduated from Harvard University with high honors in Evolutionary Biology and Marine Biology. 

After University, she worked as a scientific Expedition Leader in some of the most exotic and remote areas of the world - 4 months camping on and diving under the ice in Antarctica, 2 weeks living underwater in the Caribbean studying corals, cave diving in the Pacific, snorkeling with Minke whales and diving with thousands of sharks, including Great Whites and Makos.

Robin immigrated to Australia in 1992 to work as a coral reef researcher and lecturer at many Australian research institutions. She now heads her own environmental consulting business specializing in the coral reef environment – conservation, resource management, interpretation and education. A main part of the business is serving as a liaision between local communities and government agencies. She is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences and for the Smithsonian Institute study groups.

She has been working on expedition cruise ships since 2004, and has experience in most parts of the world, including the Antarctic, Arctic, Great Barrier Reef, Caribbean, South America, Southern and Western Africa, South Pacific, French Polynesia, British Isles and Indian Ocean. 

Robin is an integral part of Wild Earth Expeditions in the role of Expedition Leader, lecturing Marine Biologist and dive/snorkel guide extraordinaire and has been working with us for many years.

She was recently awarded the Australian EcoWarrior Award and the International Earth Ambassador Award.

As experienced snorkelers who have traveled to some of the finest snorkeling sites in the world, our trip with Wild Earth Expeditions to the Philippines and Palau was extraordinary. We were privileged and thrilled to have Robin Aiello (a Harvard trained and world renowned marine biologist) as our personal guide through the incredibly beautiful waters of the region. We snorkeled for hours in all kind of conditions. Robin was ready on a moments notice and we became inseparable. Hard to believe our hour long encounter with 4 whale sharks and our once in a lifetime half hour encounter with four manta rays. Thank you Robin for two weeks of great friendship, companionship and your expertise!!!
— Bruce and Barbara B. United States - 2013 Philippines and Palau